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Whats your Exp with Epidural steroid injections?

Monday, September 12th, 2011

I got hit by a semi-truck back in December.Thanks to driving a Chevy avalanche; I walked away no broken bones, however I have horrible sciatica when ever im sit on anything soft.(which is almost everything) My Pain management doctor wants to do ESI and maybe even some micro surgery to relive pressure, remove debris.

Although I have tattoos all over my body, i have never enjoyed the thought of a needle entering my arachnoid space. Any one out their have any exp. with ESI….?

These are gonna be Low epidural steroid injections…like L5/S1. for constant sciatica..

I am also 26 years old, and I have already tried chiropractic care,massage therapy, physical therapy, and acupuncture…and still no relief…
I have also tried pain medication and being on pain medication is also not an option, since I am a medical professional and cannot be high (well it wouldnt be ethical) while at work.

My neck began popping when I saw a chiropractor five years ago, and it won't stop. What can I do?

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

I have tried everything I know to do. I saw an orthopedist who did an MRI, and said there is now a bone spur in my neck. I saw a physical therapist for several months, and they did traction and massage. I take Ibuprofen and Naproxen Sodium. I’ve also tried MSM and Glucosamine Sulfate. I’ve thought about surgery, but the doctors said the surgery is not always effective and can cause restriction in the neck. So, I am stuck with the popping and aching all the time. Acupuncture and massage work temporarily. I wish I had NEVER let the chirpractor pop my neck in the first place. Anyone with a similar story, or any advice?
I’ve already seen 4 or 5 other chiropactors, and they didn’t help either. I did some neck exercises at the physical therapist. I can’t really say that helped much. It sometimes made the problem worse. Oh, and I had trigger point injections, too. Those help temporarily. I think it may just be something I will have to live with for the rest of my life.
I’m not really satisfied with any of the answers, because I have tried everything they suggest. I am choosing the funny one.

Can anyone recommend a good, inexpensive chiropractor in North Chicago?

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

I don’t have insurance. I might like to try acupuncture as well.

How can people continue to downplay Chiropractic with articles like this?

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

A study published in the June 2010 issue of The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, showed that people who used what the study called "Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)" received a "great deal" of benefit. Chiropractic was included in what this medical study defined as CAM care.

The study received attention in a number of news stories including an article in the July 4, 2010 Medical News Today, and in a June 30, 2010 Business Wire release by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. The study surveyed people who had suffered from back pain and had used at least one CAM therapy in the last 12 months. Of these participants the results showed that over 60% found remarkable relief using the top six CAM treatments. Those treatments were chiropractic care, massage, yoga/tai chi/qi Cong, acupuncture, herbal therapies, and relaxation techniques – with chiropractic care being the most popular choice.

The Medical News Today story reported that back pain is the second leading reason people walk into a doctor’s office in the U.S. The survey looked at a total of 17 CAM therapies choices. Of those, Chiropractic care was the most popular approach at 74 percent, with massage a distant second at 22 percent.

I am not talking about the claims that people make about chiropractic that it will cure every ail (that is a totally different discussion). I am stating that there are those that continue to downplay the role of chiropractic in the musculo-skeletal arena. With this information, why would any person with healthcare knowledge or a self proclaimed skeptic, not at least concede that chiropractic has a very valuable place in the healthcare of musculo-skeletal arena? Knowing that drugs and surgery have potential bad side effects and that chiropractic care is safer and more effective (yes it is not completely without risk) why would a "knowledgeable" person not at least recommend, endorse or refer a patient for chiropractic with back pain? Is it not the position of the medical community to above all else do no harm? If drugs have the potential to be harmful with side effects and potential for addiction and abuse, isnt any of the modalities/chiropractic listed worth a try?

Once again I am not open to debating the "cure all" claims and the risk of CVA. That is not my position here. Please give your opinion about this article as it pertains only to musculoskeletal conditions and the role of chiro for said cases. I realize that is is not a scientific double blind study.
@Tink- Mall screening are disgraceful. I agree. Should be stopped. Cold laser- dont use so I have no comment on its use. As a chiro I make an assessment based upon history, consultation, physical examination and x-ray. I have the ability to refer out for MRI and additional diagnostics as necessary. This is what I was taught, this is what I do. That is how it is supposed to be done. PT and MDs work together because Pts are not portal of entry as you know. So the PT’s are an extension of medical. In my experience as a clinician I see PT as very useful for post surgical rehab. I see limited benefits for chronic issues. That is just my clinical observation for 13 years. Chiro is different because the base philosophy is different from MD and PT. Once again, the purpose here is not to debate these issues. I wish to have input regarding this article and its application. Thanks for your input.
Massage therapist- I can concede nothing to you. In the past you have made comments and observations that were completely out of line. You have taken the entire chiro profession and lumped it one category-Unethical snake oil salesmen. You have mocked and attempted to discredit chiropractic and its educational practices. I think the opposite of what you have put forth, there are more and more chiros working from this point of view, not less. By your own admission you live in a small town so you have a very limited exposure to perhaps what is changing out there. This article I referred to supports massage therapy as a CAM good for back pain as well. Ive have never supported the woo claims but you have personally attacked me personally over and over. You have argued your way into a corner.

Chiropractor Practice advice?

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Now like most of the people that commented on my last question, saying that alternative medicine doesn’t work, but me being 18 and have been on at least 8 different medications that almost killed me and some being very strong sleeping medications and medicine for my digestive system anti-inflammatory for my leg pain and hand pain (caused by several medications combined) and anti-depressant meds, and having a surgeon who messed up a surgery that I was told nothing could be done about the pain that is 4 times more than before the surgery. Not to mention all of the numerous surgery that I undergone when I was just a newborn. As a result I have a permanent scar on my hand where the IV wasn’t in, so my hand busted open, got infection and nearly died, so I got tired of getting the run around and began my own search for a better approach to my ill health only being 18. I found that instead of being pumped full of medicine, an alternative approach to health care worked even better. I started yoga and now instead of the anti inflammatory medicine messing up my liver (I believe the doctor said) I no longer need the medicine and I feel better than ever. Instead of numerous medications for depression that put me into a behavioral ward, I found that meditation has almost ended my depression and my need for add/adhd meds. Also a special diet stopped the need for my digestive system and much needed exercise has done way more, so I know for a fact that alternative medicine works and in my point of view is much better than harsh pharmaceuticals. NOW TO THE REAL QUESTION, I was asking that if I simply did the relaxation and offered yoga and meditation in my clinic as well as acupuncture and hired a massage therapist ALONG WITH THE TRADITIONAL CHIROPRACTIC PROCEDURES, while decorating my practice or building the building with an exotic tropical feel would that bother people being that i’d have Buddha statues, NOW where as before I asked that if that would bother christians because in my town in SC the word Buddha would get you flipped out on being that most of the people needing chiropractors were senior citizens and 95 % here are highly religious, I simply was asking from a religious pov if that would cause me a decrease in customers despite how well of a chiropractor I was.

Any help appreciated.

Can you help me figure out which health insurance is better?

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

I already have a health insurance from Kaiser Permanente that offers the following benefits:

Office visits copays: Primary care , Specialty care ; Preventive care
{content} copay; ER copay/visit; Hospital Inpatient, 0 copay/day, 00
max/admission; Preventive Dental copay; Ambulance copay/trip;
Acupuncture, not covered; Chiropractic, not covered; Durable Medical
Equipment 50% cost share; Prosthetics, not covered; Orthotics, not covered;
Hearing Aids, not covered; Infertility, 50% cost share; IVF, not covered; OP
Surgery 0 copay; Outpatient Specialty Imaging 0 copay/test; Lenses, 25%
discount; Frames, 25% discount; Contact Lenses, Exam & Fitting, 15% discount
on initial pair only

And I could get this health insurance from school for the price of 00/year:

I pay 5/month or 1980/year for my current insurance and I am thinking on changing my health care provider to save 0/year.

Given the risk of being a chiropractor- Am I on the right track to becoming a successful chiropractor?

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

I really want to be a chiropractor and have more advantage than 99% of my classmates: #1) I dont have any student loans-so I can pay for school in cash–my dad is paying for everything, #2) I have been career tested over and over again and chiropractic seems to be the top choice always (along with shadowing chiropractors–I love it and it just feels right , and #3) I plan on getting certified in all these therapies while I am in school and a year after graduation:
1) Acupuncture-Year 2
2) Certified Clinical Nutritionist-Year 3
3) Bowen Therapy-Finished
4) Active Release Therapy-year 3
5) Gradston Technique-through electives
6) Cranio Sacral Therapy- electives in school
7) Applied Kinesiology
8) Certified Physiotherapist – Year 2
9) Chiropractic Sports Orthopendist- After Graduation
10) Manipulation Under Anestesia (MUA) -After grad

i need help with choosing health insurance please?

Monday, January 10th, 2011

im trying to get some health insurance but am way confused…what should i be looking for the most? It is just for me i am looking mainly at the physical exam cost, prescription meds, ob gyn cost, that kind…i found this one but im not sure if this is good or not…

.Annual Deductible Individual: ,000 Family: ,000 Individual:
Annual Out-Of-Pocket Limit Individual: ,500 Family: ,000 (Ded. Included)
Lifetime Maximum ,000,000; In & Out of Network combined
Office Visits 30%

Prescription Drugs Generic, Preferred Brand, (0 Brand Deductible, ,000 Calendar Max per Individual) Non-Preferred Brand Not Covered, Aetna Discount Applies
Laboratory and Radiology 30%
Annual Physical Exam (0 maximum benefit per exam In & Out of Network combined)
Annual OB-GYN Exam No Charge
Well Baby Care copay; Age and Frequency schedule applies
Outpatient Surgery 30%
Emergency Room 30% plus 0 (waived if admitted)
Ambulance 30% Coinsurance (00 max per year)
Home Health Care 30% (30 visits per exam; In & Out of Network combined)
Mental Health Services – Outpatient Not Covered
Chiropractic Care 30%, See benefit contract for Limitations Acupuncture / Acupressure Not covered except as an alternative to anesthesia
Inpatient Hospital 30%
Maternity Care Not Covered
Mental Health – Inpatient Not Covered
Chemical Dependency See Benefit Contract

Spinal Cord Stimulator ?

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

I’ve gone over all the pros and cons of having one and have done everything else (epidurals, injections, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, and some others) to help manage my severe chronic pain. If anyone has not had sucess with one what else have they tried? How many on here have had success with one and by about how much has it relieved your pain on a percentile range? I’m having one put in on the 29th for a trial to see if it works. It will be done in the dr’s office since she has a floroscopy room in her office. I listened to Jerry’s story at

I hope it will help. I have RSD/CRPS, failed neck surgery for a ruptured disc at C5-6 and it took me awhile to find a dr. who does them for the cervical (neck) area. My pain is in both shoulders and mid-back area. I have continuous muscle spasms in my traps. I’ve been on high doses of narcotics and other meds with not enough relief. I’m ready to do this and know it’s not as bad as having a hysterectomy or my neck surgery I’ve had. I’m not scared of this since I’ve wanted to die anyway due to the unbearable pain.

Spinal Cord Stimulator Success anyone? Help Please!?

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

I’m having a trial scs in about 8 days. I ruptured a disc in my neck in 2002 and currently have pain in both shoulders at the top along with pain and spasms in my trap muscles more to the right and also have pain in my mid-back area near the shoulder blade on the right side. I initially had pain that went down both arms but that was helped with the epidural two months after my disc injury. My surgery wasn’t untill 2004 because all the MRI’s only showed a bulging disc. The surgery took away my numbness in my fingers and my other arm stopped jumping upward. I’ve done everything else (epidurals, high doses of narcotics, injections, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, & acupuncture) to help manage my severe pain for the last 6 years. I also got diagnosed with RSD/CRPS in March 2008. I don’t have any extremity pain like arm pain anymore except in my traps going down my back near the shoulder blade. I’m having doubts that this will work for me since I heard somewhere on the net that it usually works in people who have extremity pain not just back or neck pain.

Has anyone had success with this and did they have extremity pain or not?

Thank you so far for the responses. I did email the first responder. To the second one, wow I’m glad it has helped you but sad to hear you are still on meds. Maybe you don’t take as much though? Anyway I’ll see how it goes next week. I’m hopeful this will work. The Norco for me didn’t touch my pain and the morphine I’m on now manages my pain even though I still have some pain. At least I’m not in bed all the time but I don’t want to stay on the morphine as it has side effects. Thanks so much so far. I will be checking for more responses or they can email me directly through this site if they want.