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what does can a chiropractor do about upper back/lower neck pain, w/ bad posture?

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

i’ve had bad posture for a very long time. for the past 6 months i’ve been having very bad pain in my upper back/lower neck. i looked at some websites and it said something about a deep tissue massage? has anyone experienced what i’m going through and went to a chiropractor?

is it healthy to go to a chiropractor while im pregnant?

Monday, May 9th, 2011

I am 7 weeks pregnant and my back has been hurting for a long time. now that i am pregnant I want to get adjusted before I get bigger and baby puts pressure in fun places! Is it safe to get an alignment as long as they know im pregnant?

What all do you see a Chiropractor for?

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

I am having severe lower back pain and it will not stop. It feels like it is in the muscles in my lower back. Pain pills and muscle relaxers are barely helping. Do Chiropractors only work on the "bones" or what all do they do. I have had such horrible experiences with them in the past. I went for a very long time and it never helped but maye I had a bad one??? Any suggestions?

Some kid nailed me in upper back during ultimate frisbee. Long story, please help, thanks?

Friday, January 7th, 2011

I asked a question earlier about ways I can get treatment for an incident. This is basically the situation: "I was playing ultimate frisbee, and some kid (that everyone thinks is annoying and weird [i'm one of the few people who don't constantly and jokingly make fun of him]) punched me extremely hard on my upper back and my neck made a loud cracking noise (he told me he did it since he was "into the game". there was absolutely no need for his sudden movement. we were just standing next to each other, not even guarding each other.)

Now, the base of my neck is noticeably shaped differently- the right side of my neck is shaped as if you can see the base of my neck (like, my shoulder isn’t connected fluidly/properly to my neck).

It may seem like a minor issue, but this is my physical appearance. Is there any possibility (as in beauty treatment, surgery, etc.) of fixing the shape of my neck, and how do I go about getting this treatment? I’ll try to get this kid to pay for it, but the first priority is to get my neck fixed."

A few other notes: It’s been a month since the incident. A few days after the incident, in addition to the changed appearance of my neck, I experienced moderate neck pain. I also get throat discomfort sometimes when I am playing chess and staying in the same position for a long time. Also, I never saw a doctor since my mom (I’m 16) said I didn’t need to see one.

I’m thinking about chiropractic treatment or osteopathy.

I wanted to take this to a small claims court. I’m even more motivated to do that after this dialogue through facebook, when I asked if he’d pay for my doctor’s visit:
"would you agree to paying for my doctor’s visit? it may sound cheap, but you did do it flagrantly and clearly not by accident. i know you didn’t mean to do anything bad, but still.

as in a doctor’s visit to see if i have a broken neck or something"

"ur kidding right?"

"uh, no i’m not kidding, and i’m taking that as a "no". We’ll figure things out from here, then.

don’t take that as a threat. i’m just letting you know we’ll figure things out from here."

"u think u can threaten me like that ken son? u can go fuck urself im not paying for shit. stop bein a pussy. also tell big papa rob tat i quit chess next yr and tat hes a doshe bag. tat fucker made me carrie the crate around all yr nd never even said thank u once. ken son fuck u and all the chess people, this is the last fucking straw. "
But i’m sure there’s still something I can do to that guy, even though it’s been a month. I’m just not sure what.

which chiropractic should I choose in the san angelo tx area?

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

I’ve had back pain for a long time and I want to try a chiropractor before succumbing to surgery as the answer. It was manageable when my wife could help me out more, but now that she is pregnant her back is hurting as well and it is time for me to get better.

Should I go ahead and get surgery on my spine?

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010


I have been dealing with deterioration of my lumbar ( I think L4 and L5) discs for a good while now. It affects my walking and is extremely painful, as it also causes my sciatica. My orthopedic surgeon and I discussed a plan, with the last resort being surgery. I have tried everything- manual manipulation from a chiropractic, home exercises, physical therapy, herbal remedies, multiple Epidural steroid injections and have been on pain medication for a long time now.

Should I go ahead and proceed with the surgery? I am sick of being in pain all the time and never being able to participate in recreational activities. I am only 21 years old. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

have you had surgery on the neck? I have three disc that are killing me. Physical therapy does not help.?

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

I’ve also had chiropractic manipulation for a long time. The specialist recomended surgery, but I am very afraid to have it done. I hear of bad side effects related to this type of surgery.


Friday, July 23rd, 2010

I’ve been having some troubles with my hip if i move my leg a certain way it will hurt and if i run for a long time my hip will become really sore would i go to a chiropractor for something like that?
and would that be covered by normal health insurance?