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Whats your Exp with Epidural steroid injections?

Monday, September 12th, 2011

I got hit by a semi-truck back in December.Thanks to driving a Chevy avalanche; I walked away no broken bones, however I have horrible sciatica when ever im sit on anything soft.(which is almost everything) My Pain management doctor wants to do ESI and maybe even some micro surgery to relive pressure, remove debris.

Although I have tattoos all over my body, i have never enjoyed the thought of a needle entering my arachnoid space. Any one out their have any exp. with ESI….?

These are gonna be Low epidural steroid injections…like L5/S1. for constant sciatica..

I am also 26 years old, and I have already tried chiropractic care,massage therapy, physical therapy, and acupuncture…and still no relief…
I have also tried pain medication and being on pain medication is also not an option, since I am a medical professional and cannot be high (well it wouldnt be ethical) while at work.

Army/Marine/AF/Navy Veterans, can you help me with an opinion, or advice?

Friday, March 4th, 2011

My name is Nathan…i am a soldier with the US Army, i been in the service for over 8 years, i been deployed 3 times to Iraq, and im in afghanistan as of december 2010, until december 2011. I am an E-5 NCO, and im married with a 10 month old babygirl, now that i introduced myself, i would like to ask for some help.

I got hurt 3 years ago…i lift a pot (im a cook in the army) i lift a pot, and because i lifted it wrong, i hurted my back…now, my injury is more than a back injury, a recent MRI showed that i have a bulged disk on T6-T7 and i have irritation on T-4-T5. The pain is non-stop. i have "sucked-it-up" for 3 years, deployed to iraq with the condition and i got deployed again to afghanistan with a worse injury…i do not seem to heal..the pain keeps on increasing…i cannot seem to do push ups right, i honestly cannot do anymore sit ups, and if i run for long distances, i am in extreme pain. The doctor here in afghanistan, told me that he will send em to an orthopedic, to get a review. I also got seem by a Pain Management Doctor in germany…i was getting Paravertebral blocks, and one epidoral shot…everything to calm down the pain, which it wont. the MRI clearly shows a "slipped disk" or "Bulged Disk" on my Thoracic Spine. Im at the point, that i cannot wear my IOTV (vest with plates), i honestly cannot carry groceries up to the 4th floor where i live…i cannot carry my daughter, since she is 20 the profile i have, it is written that i cannot lift more than 10 pounds. I cannot seem to recover…pain pills like, Tramadol, Tramadolor and Robaxin…don’t do me any help, but i keep taking them. i once mixed, tramadol and tramadolor, and it worked for a few, but no great results.

A doctor told me also, that surgery in my thoracic spine is very unlikely…and he suggested pain management injections, which we tried with the german doctor, producing no results…

A major here, MAJ perkins, told me he will send me to Bagram, to see a specialist, and judge from there…currently i work in a office, and i do not wear my gear, unless there is a drill or emergency.

what can i do?? what would you do in my situation? what the army can do?? is medboard a solution to stop deploying and wearing heavy gear which is mandatory….im a little bit confused, because i do not know how medboards work…sometimes i feel that if im broke, the army will just kick me out to the curb. Do you have any ideas on what should i do?? Will the army just kicked me out and forget to help me with some kinda benefits? and why people in the army, suggest for me to suck it up, knowing im messed up and i actually have sucking it up until now, i cannot hold enough…

me and my wife talk about this…and she suggest to keep going to the doctor, which i do, but it seems the army is taking so long into helping me out….it took the army almost 15 months for me to get an MRI…it was unreal. Now that i have it, i have done, physical therapy, which didnt worked…i did, chiropractic work, didnt help…and i also did, pain management, you know, the shots in my spine…and nothing…

I need help into understanding better, what should i do…any ideas, suggestions, opinions, advice??

Sgt Agosto
TF 3-4 IN
Kabul, Afghanistan

Slipped/herniated lower lumbar discs. Options?

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Hey all…I am needing some information in regards to my condition.

I initially injured my back in 1997 (was 23) and slipped 2 discs.

Since that time the discs have continued to degenerate, and I have sought out chiropractic help for decompression and also steroid shots in my back (which do help but they started helping less as time went on).

I cannot have the typical surgery involving fusion, because I am EXTREMELY allergic to all the metals they have options for using for the implants. The only metal I can wear is sterling silver (.925), and when they put 3 different screws on my arm (taped them to me), they all were broken out within 24 hours.

The disc below the injury, the S1, I think, naturally fused and compromised my back, so when I apparently landed wrong in the swimming pool, and felt part of my back go left and the other right, the pain management doctor said that’s why I had such an injury.

It was weird, I didn’t hit bottom or the sides of the pool, it was right as I broke the water. WEIRD. I just simply jumped in the pool.

So, what are some possible, non-surgical at best, options that I may have?

I abuse an extremely high pain tolerance because I refuse to take pain medications that might have an addictive affect, so I’m seriously in a catch 22 here.

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

BTW: I have constant problems with sciatic nerve pain, and today, I had to visit my chiropractor after months of not, because I have new pain, a little higher than normal, and going down the left side of my "butt cheek" toward the center of my butt. This is not the normal, down the leg, weak leg on the right side like I’ve had for 14 years, so I’m scared I’m getting worse.


Is Chiropractic my best choice. I have just found out I have a several twists in my spine and other things.?

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

They want me to start a year of treatments. I have lost all the arches in my feet, I have a very misaligned spine pinching many nerves. I have lost the natural curve in my neck and in my lower back. I have several twist in the neck and spine that are causing 14 bone spurs in my neck and in my lower back. I have severe Subluxations in the spine by the thermal Scan.These should all be white and mine are almost in the purple area.They done several Xrays and they really look nasty. Said if I would have waited a week or 2 I would have more then likely been heading for a wheel chair. That If the treatment does not work I am facing a Spine surgery from my head to my tail bone. My fear is if they get my spine in alignment what will happen to all the bone spurs by my spine? And What if I let them munipulate my back and they get it wrong If I could end up Parilized? I am scared seriously. Should I do the treatment or stay away. I really like the Doctor But I am only 49 and do not want to end up in a chair for the rest of my life.But I have been in Severe Pain for 49 years. And I am interested in things that do NOT involve Pills or surgery.
The reason I say pain for 49 years is I have Bacterial, viral Spinal Meningitus at 2 months old. And my parents were told I would be in a wheel chair before I was 30. I broke my shoulder in 1992 and was told after an MRI I had Degenerative Spinal Disc Disease. Was sent to a Pain management doctor. Pill after pill nothing worked. Only made me sicker. Then I was told I had a Ulcer from the Meds. And Then I tore the muscles from my spine. Days in the Hospital. Was told only choice was Surgery. Was given an 80/20 chance. Doctor said 80% chance of being a Cripple and 20 % chance of Dying I said NO. He threw my chart and stormed out of the Room. Then I was told I had Chronic Benign Pain Syndrome it was All In My Head. Take these pills be all better. Yet worsed again. I quit doctoring Went into Remission for 5 years never took anything except an occasional Ibuprofen. Done great. Then the Stress level worsened. Husband had an affair. And family problems. And my health went to pot. So I decided

Why won't my pain management doctor give me stronger pain medicine?

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

I have 3 herniated discs in my lower back. I am only 21 years old, I know I am young and no doctor will do surgery on me. I have gone through physical therapy, months of chiropractic therapy, and I have been seeing pain management doctor as well. This doctor has given me several lower back injections of steroids and epidurals… none of them helped and they were EXCRUCIATINGLY painful! He gave me 1 valium to take during the procedures but that did nothing. I cried the whole time. I have been suffering from extreme pain for 4years and all he will do is give me darvocet.. a narcotic for mild-moderate pain. I would take 2 pills 3 times a day, sometimes more. But this barely took the edge off and made it hard for me to sleep. I told him this, but he would not prescribe me anything stronger. After he gave me three injections in my back he said there was nothing more he could do other than surgery, gave me more useless medicine, and told me I needed to go elsewhere. A huge waste of time and money. My back hurts even more.

I need advice on how to get a doctor to prescribe me something stronger? I can’t stand for more than 30min at a time. I can’t sit for more than a few hours… I’m under weight and weak and constantly in pain and depressed! HELP!?

Should I see a chiropractor or a pain management doctor?

Friday, October 15th, 2010

A few weeks ago I was in a weird position lying in bed and something startled me causing me to jump, hurl myself forward, and leave my Left arm and shoulder behind! In other words, I dislocated it for a minute then it popped back into place. I cried out in pain. Ever since then, I cant sleep with my Left arm up under the pillow, and sleeping is pretty much a difficult task now. My boyfriend says there are many large "knots" in my neck so he rubs them out and that is the only way I can get relief. Hes not here now, its 6 am, and I cant sleep!


When I was younger I had a bike accident that gave me a concussion and whiplash. Should I see a chiropractor or do they really know what they are doing? Would a family doctor, pain management doctor, or nurse practitioner be better?