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Whats your Exp with Epidural steroid injections?

Monday, September 12th, 2011

I got hit by a semi-truck back in December.Thanks to driving a Chevy avalanche; I walked away no broken bones, however I have horrible sciatica when ever im sit on anything soft.(which is almost everything) My Pain management doctor wants to do ESI and maybe even some micro surgery to relive pressure, remove debris.

Although I have tattoos all over my body, i have never enjoyed the thought of a needle entering my arachnoid space. Any one out their have any exp. with ESI….?

These are gonna be Low epidural steroid injections…like L5/S1. for constant sciatica..

I am also 26 years old, and I have already tried chiropractic care,massage therapy, physical therapy, and acupuncture…and still no relief…
I have also tried pain medication and being on pain medication is also not an option, since I am a medical professional and cannot be high (well it wouldnt be ethical) while at work.

Badly injured in car accident; opposing insurance stalling to make offer..Recourse?

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

In August of 2007 I was hit by a semi truck driver at 5 months pregnant. The driver was cited and the insurance company admitted liability on their insured part. They sent out investigators and eventually compensated me for my suv. Well I was in treatment for the next two years, and had another subsequent pregnancy. My attorney felt we had hit an impasse as far as treatment as I did not want to have surgery, so he submitted a demand for compensation on June 3 of this year. Now 3 months later the insurance company(Wausau) has yet to respond or make an offer. Instead they sent my file to a nurse for review trying to show my injuries were pregnancy related not accident, despite the reports of 2 surgeons and a chiropractic firm. Now finally the nurses allotted 30 day period is up as of the 22nd and still today we have heard nothing. My attorney said he will call tomorrow and they either need to make an offer or we are filing suit. I would just like to know where I stand. Does anyone have any insight into this circus of personal injury suits?