Can a chiropractor do anything for pain from mild spina bifida?

besides pain medication, I don’t want to take that stuff

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3 Responses to “Can a chiropractor do anything for pain from mild spina bifida?”

  1. S P says:

    NEVER EVER go to a chiropractor! They are just quacks! See your regular neurologist or neurosurgeon. It could end up being tether cord.

  2. bruce b says:

    I’m a Chiropractor. The answer to your question is not as simple as the question itself. First of all, mild spina bifida is not usually a painful condition. You will need to be properly diagnosed. I have treated many patients for spinal pain that just happened to have a minor spina bifida with good results.
    Good luck and god bless

  3. Dr. Stacey Burke Chiropractor says:

    There are a number of factors that could be contributing to your pain from the spina bifida. An individuals pain may be specific to the actual mechanical problem in their spine, their body shape, size, posture, and daily habits etc. Within Chiropractic there are over 200 techniques. In my experience with a couple of cases specifically, low force instrument adjusting procedures were utilized to the benefit of the patients. As with any profession, therapy etc it is prudent to have a complete and thorough assessment to get as much information specific to your individual needs, including a physical exam and xrays or advanced imaging if required. Not all spina bifidas are created equal! I would recommend finding a Chiropractor who utilizes some form of low force instrument adjusting and consult with them. Discuss your pain and symptoms with them and address any concerns and questions that you may have before beginning care. Good luck!

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