Do you take off your clothes at the chiropractor?

I’m not being wierd, it’s just that I was giving my buddy crud the other day because he was talking about how when he would go he would end up wearing just his boxer shorts. I went for several different reasons and never took anything off. FYI – not that it matters, but his doctor happened to be gay…Do people normally undress for the chiropractor?
Like I said, I’m not being wierd. It’s just that I’ve had my back treated too, I never put on a gown or took of any clothes. Just layed on the table fully clothed, so I thought his story was strange is all.

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7 Responses to “Do you take off your clothes at the chiropractor?”

  1. jillo4113 says:

    My husband is a chiropractor and he said that some chiros prefer their patients to wear gowns. The advantage to wearing a gown is that the dr. can see the spine more clearly and it can make it easier to diagnosis scoliosis and other spine problems. Also the dr. could see surgery scars that perhaps the patient forgot to mention. Some even like to check the skin for possibly problematic moles or skin cancer spots.

  2. justbeingher says:

    I never have for an adjustment. But for massage or e-stim I have taken off my top and pulled waist of pants down low enough for electrodes to go on lumbar area.

  3. mytwodogs60463 says:

    they give you a gown to wear take it easy. I’ve been getting my back treated for 3 years and these men are very professional. They give me a gown to wear so it’s easier for them to treat the back.

  4. Samm says:

    I have gone to a Chiro for about 60 years and have never disrobed. But I am sure there are some Drs. that may prefer you do.

    The one I see now I have been going to for about 27 years.
    I stay dressed.

  5. Sam says:

    taking clothes off at chio P office is not uncommon nor is it strange Doc’s can be homos too that’s totally a diff issue It’s the job & they’re not supposed to screw with their patients It’s criminal & it’s against the law I guess you’ve heard so far from a bunch of fine people & all are right

  6. littledevilinyourcup says:

    my son and husband have scoliosis and they usually take their shirts off so the doc can visually see the curvatures
    If my husbands hips or knees have been problematic he is asked to lower his pants to show the area of pain . My son was asked to remove everything except his boxers for a full body x-ray but he was given a gown. Your buddy may have a condition that requires the doc to actually see the spine . Even if a doctor is gay they are taught proper patient doctor behavior.

  7. Kate K says:

    My Dad (retired chiro) gave out gowns for the ladies to wear when he treated them. For the men, I think he just treated fully clothed or possibly with ONLY the shirt removed.

    I know that when Dad treated my brothers and me and my Mom, he never had us get undressed (I am his adult daughter).

    My brother is also a new chiropractor and he treats people fully clothed.

    I also go to see Dad’s colleauge and he treats me fully clothed.

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