I would like to pursue becoming a Chiropractor?

I am now attending grade twelve and would like to become a Chiropractor. I am understanding that there is only one program (Canadian Memorial Chiropratic Colledge) in Canada. If any graduatesfrom this program, or any chiropractors could tell me if getting into a chiropractic school is extremly hard I am open to any help on this! This is my dream and would like probability in it coming true.

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  1. Dan says:

    Hi Carmel,

    If you have done your research, the CMCC requires that you have 90 semester credits in order to be eligible to apply to their chiropractic college. This is equivalent to 3 years of an undergraduate degree.

    Since you are in grade 12, you have a wide variety of choices in choosing what you would like to pursue as an undergraduate degree. The CMCC does not have any preference, so you can purse your Bachelors of Science, Health Science, Engineering, Business, Music, Arts, Social Science, Psychology, or any other discipline of your choice.

    The four-year Chiropractic College is a very tough and intensive program requiring a lot of work, time, and dedication. You will be learning every part of the body, its’ movement in addition to neuroscience of the brain. These are just some of the areas of study offered at CMCC. Focus on your first 3 years of university, aim for a B average or higher. Get experience with a chiropractor and apply in your 3rd year.

    Good luck, if you have your heart in the right place then you can do it.

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