What are the bone adjustments done by a chiropractor?

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  1. David R says:

    The "adjustments" are done to reduce fixations and blockages to joint movements, which cause pain, stiffness and discomfort. The Chiropractic word for this is a "subluxation", which basically just means the joint is not sitting right, but not dislocated.
    Adjustments should basically feel good, and you will hear a popping noise as good joint fluid reenters the space between the vertabrae. Activator is also a well known technique where a small mechanical device is used to do the same thing.
    You can sometimes have a bit of muscle pain after the first treatment and I always recommend cold packs after each treatment.
    Best luck.
    (PS: I can already hear the flapping of the bat-wings of the alt-med haters swooping down. 99% of what they say is BS. Enjoy!)

  2. unicorn37897 says:

    I don’t know the medical name for it but chiropractors basically "pop" your bone joints so that the bones are in better alignment. When your skeleton is properly aligned pain is drastically reduced.
    But if you are considering going to a chiropractor, choose very carefully between doctors always making sure of their credentials.

  3. Cappagirl says:

    who cares? it feels good!!

    seriously- they’re just manipulating the bones to align them better…
    when your muscles and ligaments get tight and under stress…they put stress on the joints and pull them out of line..
    chiro adjustments just put them back into place

  4. leftie1959 says:

    In reality, a chiro DOES NOT ADJUST THE BONES. When you have pain, it is because of a pinch nerve. The popping sound is die to air pockets between the discs. You think it is the bone but it is not.

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