What does it take to become a chiropractor ?

I want to become a chiropractor & I just want to know all the steps & requirements that there is in order to have a career in that job.

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  1. Dan says:

    I agree with Corey, it answers your question very well.

    CMCC Student
    Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

  2. corey says:

    I am currently enrolled in chiropractic college in Ny. I walked into the profession with very little info. I knew it dealt with adjusting and back pain but not much past that. I now know that I made a great choice for any reason and I hope I can make your choice easier.

    The first thing you need to do is pick what chirp college you want to attend. There is currently 17-18 accredited colleges in the USA and 2 in canada, both of which are on the east coast. To choose you should look into each schools program for length and content. Many of the schools run a 4-5 year program but some have a 3.33 year year-round program. Most if not all of these programs require a 4 year degree or a set number of pre-rec. Credits to enter there program.

    More important then the length of the program is its content. The chiropractic profession has many for
    different paradigms such as straight and mixer. There is many differences between these groups and it can difficult to tell the difference but I’ll let you do your own research on that part of chiropractic. Some of the schools focus more on philosophy while others focus more on research and have a ore medical basis.

    I currently am a student at NYCC which is one of the colleges that focuses on research and medical I
    ideals. Here I have learned many of the same things that an MD’s learn to the same or a higher level. You also have the opportunity to learn many other techniques and modalities that are specific to chiropractic.

    In Canada and in the USA you also have to pass a set on national licencing boards just like MD’s and other doctors. You can look up any chirp schools boards scores to judge how well thy educated you.

    Before you any choices on what you what to do you should take some time, a day or a weekend and shadow at least 2 or more chiropractors to see th different styles that are out there.

    I know know I have only talked about what it takes to become a chirp but if you want more info just send me a message and I can supply you with tons of more info.

    I hope this has been informative and helpful!


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