what is a hio method upper cervical specific chiropractor?

mr E keeps mentioning it. is it quackery like most of what mr E talks about?

hey mr E, god doesnt love you

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  1. Gary Y says:

    The ‘HIO’ stands for Hole In One – a perfect chiropractic adjustment in the upper cervical region of the neck (the atlas) that causes everything else to "fall into place." Otherwise known as wishful thinking.

    While modern ‘reform’ chiropractors have realised that the traditional chiropractic concept of ‘subluxations’ in the spine are the root cause of all disease is bunk and have rejected it, ‘Upper Cervical’ chiropractic maintains that subluxation complex is real but occurs in the upper cervical vertebrae only. This is based upon a late decision by the inventor of chiropractic, B.J. Palmer; it seriously challenged the established principles of traditional chiropractic, and still does. The camps are split.

    The British Chiropractic Association does not believe in any subluxation and states: "For many years, the BCA has not supported the concept of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex in the light of the absence of evidence supporting claims made it can be the cause of disease and serious illness" http://www.gcc-uk.org/files/link_file/Guidance_on_claims_made_for_the_chiropractic_VSC_18August10.pdf Chiropractic is a confused profession.

    Manipulation of the neck can be very unsafe and there has been cases of stroke following this procedure: http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/chirostroke.html The actual figures are unknown as harm from chiropractic is notoriously under reported.

    So it would be nice if Mr E could for once post the proof that convinces him that what he does is actually valid, and safe.

    Great question Patrick.

    EDIT: Dear Theresa, I’m sure you realise that you haven’t answered the question. Which is contrary to YA policy.

  2. Mr E says:

    on the contrary, naive person, He has blessed me with knowledge relatively few have, not that i can take credit for it, since i was given most of it by others who discovered and developed it. i understand the truth boggles your brainwashed mind, and there is scant chance you will understand or believe this, but anyway, here goes (again). hio method chiropractic is a precise method of upper cervical analysis and correction for the purpose of correcting the cause of nerve interference due to vertebral subluxation. this method was developed by dr. b.j. palmer as a result of his research into the origin of nerve interference, which he found to be not at the intervertebral foramina from spinal nerve root pressure as previously supposed, but due to spinal cord impingement from the misalignment of an upper cervical vertebra. from that time onward, he ceased practicing full spine and focused solely on the upper neck since he now knew that that was the only origin of nerve interference. for this reason, it is what truly defines the practice of chiropractic. you can’t understand how misalignment of the upper neck can cause a wide variety of health problems in any part of the body, but the connection is simple. it’s called the nervous system. do yourself a favor and open an anatomy book, and notice that the spinal cord passes through all the vertebrae. the unique design and articulating surfaces of the top two vertebrae is why only their misalignment will cause cord pressure. now imagine a vertebra is misaligned, putting pressure on some of the nerve fibers in the cord. it’s very simple. the truth generally is. one of the reasons medicine is so complicated is because most of it is not the truth. this is borne out by it’s failure. the truth of chiropractic is proven by it’s success, which you will not hear about between all the drug ads in all the media. not hard to figure out why.

  3. Psychobenzaprine says:

    It’s a feces-belching quack who charges you money to fiddle with your cervix.

  4. Nitram says:

    As we all suspected, chiropractic is quackery. Following the BCA v Singh case which went to the supreme court even the BCA couldn’t provide any evidence for their claims. Now it’s not just a suspicion it’s a fact supported by the highest court in the land.

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